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The focus on green energy has led to an explosion in wind turbine production, creating a huge requirement for inspection services. Traditional methods, involving heavy equipment or rope climbing, is expensive and extremely dangerous.


Agros offers drone services as a safe and efficient solution. UAS inspections are quick and easy, saving valuable down-time. With the flexibility to rapidly collect high-resolution visual, thermal, and multi-spectral imaging, inspections by Argos can significantly increase green power production.

Cellular networks rely on telecom towers to connect cell phone users to each other. To ensure reliable service, telecom providers must inspect their towers regularly. In the past, inspectors utilized rope climbing to examine the tower, dangerous due to the heights involved. 


At Argos, our experienced operators work hand-in-hand with inspectors to position the drone exactly where its needed. Equipped with a video or thermal imaging sensor, real-time imaging is sent to the ground, permitting inspectors to safely inspect the tower from the ground.

​Electrical power is distributed by a system of pylons, insulators, and wires. Regular examination is critical to maintaining the power grid. However, the high voltage carried makes inspection dangerous and costly. 


Argos can quickly deploy UAS to safely inspect any power line system. Equipped with high-resolution cameras or themal imaging sensors, we have the ability to safely put 'eyes-on' any component up close. Argos is an inexpensive, safe solution for any aerial inspection need.

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