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Data Collection

Gathering Precision Data for Surveyors

Integrating remote data is fast becoming a key tool in the surveying field. We use our drones to support our partner Professional Land Surveyors in collecting the precision data required to satisfy the National Map Accuracy Standards of survey and mapping products.


When coupling remote data with certified ground control, Surveyors can create accurate mapping data to get the job done right the first time in no time.

Construction Progress

Insight from Above

Providing oversight for multiple job sites is a hectic life for a Construction Project Manager. Driving from site-to-site uses up valuable time. Drones provide a way to remotely monitor any construction site, saving hours wasted traveling between job sites.

Drones are also a great tool to monitor work progress or to find hidden dangers. As such, aerial imagery can save lots of time, energy, & money.


Utility Inspection Support 

Helping Protect the Grid

Electrical power is distributed by a system of towers, insulators, and wires, better known as the power grid. Regular inspection of the grid is key to sustainment of the supply of power to homes. However, the high voltage carried makes inspection dangerous and costly. 

Drones can quickly deploy UAS to safely inspect any power line system. Equipped with high-resolution zoom cameras or themal imaging sensors, we have the ability to put 'eyes-on' any component from a safe distance.

Flight Instruction

Training the Future

At Argos, we take training seriously. Our comprehensive 'hands-on' training program was developed using key aviation tenets typically found in military or airline training programs. This is not a '2-day' cookie-cutter course, we build training to suit your needs.

We teach the essential skills needed to ensure safe, reliable operations. Our goal to create a safer, more capable pilot able to confidently operate in any situtation.


Program Consulting

Expert Advice from the Experts

Operating a drone commercial is a daunting task. Not only are there federal, state and local laws and regulations to consider, every step in the workflow must be carefully considered.


From equipment selection and integration to creating complex flight procedures, the devil is in the details. Let our experts help.

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