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Construction sectors use volumetrics to estimate aggregates contained in a given stockpile. Previously, stockpile volumes were taken using ground laser scanners, inefficient and costly. Argos uses drones to quickly gather close-in aerial data and deliver stockpile volume estimates to the decision makers.

Drones offer an efficient and affordable solution for any clients managing stockpiles. Using photogrammetry techniques, Argos creates 3D models from aerial data to produce accurate volumetric estimates for you. When accuracy is critical, our licensed Professional Land Surveyor verifies the data, so you know the numbers are right.

Drone mapping is beginning to take off in the commercial drone industry as a new way to conduct business operations. For land surveying, Argos partners with licensed Professional Land Surveyors to provide data for a variety of industries, such as environment studies, mining, surveying quarries, or large construction sites.

These projects typically require high-resolution, precision data in order to satisfy the National Map Accuracy Standards of survey and mapping products. Drones can quickly capture this data on demand. When coupling aerial data with a robust Ground Control Point (GCP) system, Surveyors can create accurate mapping data to get the job done right the first time in no time.

Using drone-based sensors and cameras, Argos can capture high resolution, high accuracy data to create Structure from Motion (SfM) widely used in construction and inspection applications. Simply put, drone are becoming an invaluable tool to quickly and easily gather structural information.


Aerial modeling requires stitching together hundreds, if not thousands, of point-cloud images captured by drones flying precise patterns at controlled angles. While is flight, drones embed each image with accurate GPS data to help process the data into a cohesive 3D model of the target structure. This creates an accurate replication of the structure used by inspection teams or program managers to identify potential safety or structural issues.

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