Detecting marijuana feilds is a difficult task for small police departments. Until recently, the only option to finding hidden sites growing the drug was to employ helicopters, a cost only the largest police departments can absorb.


Today, UAS put aerial surveillance in the hands of any police force, no matter how small the budget. Not only can drones can enter narrow and confined spaces, but they also produce very little noise, preserving the element of surprise. Equipped with thermal or multi-spectral imaging sensors, drones offer a potent solution to combating crime. 

For Search and rescue (SAR) operations, the faster the search begins, the better the chance of saving a life. Overhead video of the search area allows for better coordination of the search effort. Traditionally, helicopters provided this function, but at high operational costs.


UAS provide a quick, inexpensive solution to incorporate aerial assistance in any SAR operations. Able to launch within minutes, drones provide SAR leaders real-time video feed, as well as thermal imagery, from the air. At Argos, our UAS can be programmed to perform a methodical grid search to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Fire fighting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Unfortunately, fire fighters often enter a burning building not knowing the hazards they face. Additionally, larger fires require fire stations to coordinate their efforts, exponentially increasing the risk facing the emergency response teams.


UAS now offer fire fighters the ability to quickly determine the source of a fire and assess flame spread. This advantage allows for better targeting of the source of the fire. For larger fires, drones give fire fighters a detailed perspective on the action from the air, promoting coordination and safety through situational awareness.

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