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Traditionally, manual inspections were the primary meens to examine infrastructure, such as flare stacks. However, due to the extreme temperatures involved, manual inspections required lengthy operational shutdowns. Not only is this dangerous, but costly as well.  


Argos has the ability to perform detailed visual inspections on active flare stacks. Drones eliminate the need to shutdown to allow for inspectors to climb the stacks. Our solution is not only safer, but ensures uninterrupted production time.

The state of disrepair of the US infrastructure posses a serious risk to public safety. To help protect the public, bridges must be inspected on a regular basis. However, these inspections require the use heavy equipment or rope climbing, both dangerous and expensive.    


Agros solves this problem of inspecting hard-to-reach areas through the use of drones with relative ease. When UAS are fitted with high-resolution cameras capable of downloading video imaging real-time, your trained inspectors have the ability to assess inaccessable infrastructure from the safety of the ground.

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