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Unique aerial shots of homes, commercial buildings, or land can showcase the property from a different perspective. However, the high cost associated with hiring manned aircraft limited this valuable tool only to high-end real estate marketing. Until now. 


Argos offers a better solution which fits into any budget. Our drones can take breathtaking high-resolution aerial photos from a birds-eye view. We can also create a 360 degree interior video tour capturing the true granduer of the property. Even better, ask about our 3D animation, where we turn fields into finished dreams in the blink of an eye. With over 15 years in the business, our editing team is second to none.   

Every motion picture incorporates sweeping vistas, refreshing perspectives and breathtaking panoramas taken from the air. Now, drones have the ability to produce the same aerial footage at a fraction of the cost when compared to manned aircraft cinematography. For filmmakers, this represents a huge cost savings for any production, big or small.


Argos has live video down-link, allowing the camera operator to work hand-in-hand with the director to capture that perfect shot the first time. From impossible dolly shots to chasing the lead down a mountain path, any shot is possible. The only limit is your imagination.

Some events only happen once in a lifetime. From graduations to family reunions, why not capture those memories from above. Imagine seeing your entire family party or venue from the vantage point of a soaring eagle. Drones are a great add-on to any event imaginable.

By making Argos a part of your special event, our drones will record your magical day from unique perspectives impossible from the ground. Whether its a festival, sports game, concert, or some other special event, our drones capture the full majesty of the venue from above. With Argos, the possibilities are endless. 

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