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Providing oversight for multiple job sites is the hectic life of a Construction Project Manager. Driving from site-to-site uses up valuable time. Let us help you be more productive, use our drones to provide near real-time eyes on the site.

Our team of skilled pilots can quick put a drone over just about any work sight and live-stream conditions to your phone real-time. This saves you time spent traveling between job sites, helping increase your bottom line. Our drones to monitor the work progress or to find hidden dangers. Aerial photos can save you lots of time, energy, & money.

Aerial photography can give a unique perspective of a project. Before ground is broken until the project is completed, our drones give you the ability to visually document and monitor the job-site from the air. With a series of sharp photos, hyper lapse products provides you near real-time information on progress or identifying hazards, streamlining progress and mitigating risks.


Pictures sell. Your marketing will improve dramatically if you can add aerial photos to your website, brochures, and social media accounts. Owners also love to see images of their projects while they are in progress and, especially, after completion. We provide you a low-cost way to showcase completed projects or show end-to-end construction progress in seconds. 

Roof inspections are dangerous. From falling off ladders to collapsing roofs, thousands of inspectors are injured every year. Drones have now made roof inspections easier, safer, faster and less expensive. Smart Inspectors use drones to increase productivity and help prevent serious injury.

The drones minimize or completely eliminate most the risks. By sending a drone to perform inspections before climbing will help to identify hazards before they strike. Drones also provide a means of creating 3D models of structure. Creating 'Structure-from-Motion' (SfM) in revolutionizing the inspection industry like never before.

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