The New Frontier in Aviation 


The drone revolution is transforming the world of aviation. For the last two decades, the defense sector has developed Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for combat operations deemed too dull, too dirty or too dangerous for our military service-members. Uniquely designed to capture large quantities of high-resolution data from above, drones have proven to be well suited for any commercial application. For business clients, integrating precision aerial data gathered by drones into the decision making process of engineering, marketing or infrastructure management project is crucial for success. This reliable aerial technology now provides a cost effective solution for any commercial, industrial and Utility industry.

The Vision

A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business based in south-central Pennsylvania, Argos Unmanned Aerial Solutions, LLC offers a turn-key drone solutions, capable of aerial data acquisition and data post-processing. 

The idea at Argos is simple; 'Deliver hard-to-reach, precision aerial data into the hands of our clients.

We accomplish this goal by operating the next generation of drone technology to gather and produce the business intelligence necessary for you, our client. Our team is constantly developing innovative ways to both acquire and process high-resolution data quickly, safely, legally, and economically. As a result, our data acquisition and post-processing solutions have the potential to boost your productivity while significantly lowing your costs.

  • To protect your safety, every pilot at Argos is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to legally operate our fleet of UAS platforms anywhere within the United States

  • To protect you from liability, Argos is fully insured to conduct any aerial data collection flight operation

By putting a reliable fleet of commercial drones at your disposal, we guarantee the ability to provide a flexible, low-cost solution for any aerial data collection need.

Argos – Turning Data into Decisions